A Romboxt design holds a full standard square tissue box...

and each successive tissue creates a new sculpture!


I was a designer of residential and commercial lighting, furniture, convention booths, display units, watches... Romboxt started with a thumbnail sketch and has become a fun and growing niche company.  Welcome to our niche!

"Functional Art" is a phrase that I embraced many years ago.  Ancient cultures, like the Minoans and the Greeks, (both of whom I admire more than I have room to express), were mindful that if you add artistry to a utilitarian object you transform/transcend it into "decor".  We all need tissue boxes - why not transform them into sculpture?

Please send photos of where our products land in your homescape and I will feature them in the Romboxt blog.

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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